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Hello, Welcome, I just want to give you alittle background on David's Mega Wrestling, We opened up on 4/18/98 and have grown very much over the past few months. I am trying to make a little money with this site and I think the best way to do that is to offer my services. So , you ask, what do I have to offer. 1. I will advertise your site, store , hotline, newsletter on my homepage for $5.00 a month. (Wrestling sites will continue to be free but will only be advertised in the links section.(If you buy 3 months in advance you will receive 1 month free. 2. I can make you a custom banner. Banners can be any size animated or non. Rates are $10.00 for non animated. $20.00 for animated- up to 6 frames. Each additional frame is $3.00. I can use artwork of my own or you can send me or E-mail me yours. I receive on average of 50 hits a day. I know that does not sound like many, but it is still a new site and is growing every day. Bonus...... If you advertise my banner on your page, I will give you 25% off the price of your first order, and 10% off all future orders.

To Place an order Mail Check or Money Order to:

David Hopp

791 Neeb Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45233
United States

Contact me on the Web Please include your E-mail address if you send me an order.

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