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Welcome to David's Mega Wrestling Page !!!!

Here at David's Mega Wrestling Page you will get Links to some of the best newsletters and Wrestling sites on the internet, if you have a newsletter or site, send me a link or an issue and I will list the link or E-mail address to subscribe FREE.

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My Mega List of Links

David's Mega NewsRoom: News, Rumors, Post's, My Newsgroup, add your rumors, post your thoughts, Whatever you want!!!
David's Mega Wrestling Chat Room: Tired of the WWF aol Wrestling Chatrooms, Go here now, no host, nothing to download, Currently it is the Al "The Head" Snow Chat Room, he is the topic, I will change the topic every monday after Raw, I invite you to join me every night at 10:30 eastern time for a Wrestling Chat.
My Pictures Page Now With Picture Archive.!!!: Lots of Pictures,WWF, WCW,NWO, ECW, Independants
My Guestbook: Please go sign my Guestbook , feel free to leave me questions and I will answer them a.s.a.p.
My AnsweringMachine: Leave a message at the beep, I will get back to you later
Wrestling Newsletter Gallery: Here you will find some of the Best Newsletters on the net, with info on how to subscribe.
Pay-Per-View -- All the cards, All the results + Predictions: View the matchups, get the results, see my predictions.
Wrestling Articles and Comments: NOW FEATURING THE TAO OF FUNK: Written by "Freakboy" .Here is where you can voice your opinions. Send me you articles, and I will post them (whether I agree with them or not--Freedom of speech stuff )
Wrestlers Midi Theme Songs: Download your favorite wrestlers theme song, special thanks goes to for getting me the Midis.
Customize your Computer: Wrestling Desktop Themes For Windows 95, Wrestling Wallpaper
Attention Webmasters: Banner Exchange: Here you can choose from one of my many banners, and if you place it on your site , I will place yours on mine.
Wrestling Video Games : Download such favorites all time favorites as WWF Wrestlefest(ARCADE), All SNES, GENESIS, JAPANESE,GAMEBOY, and TG16 Video Games, Play them on your computer!!!!!
David's Mega Wrestling Store: My Webstore, You can Purchase Wrestling merchandise here. Video's, Video Games, Custom Action Figures and more.
More Links: Other Great Links, To many good ones for this page.

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Awards Section: Hey, I just won my first Award, click here to see it.

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Attention: The Official Chat in David's Mega Wrestling Chat Room will be every night at 10:30 pm Eastern Time. I hope to see you there.--David

David's Mega Monthly Contest

Sorry, No Contest yet this month Click here to tell me your ideas for future contests.

Brian Pillman Memorial Show Video's Are Now Available in The Webstore. In the Store you will find some of this weeks featured videos. We have ALL Wrestling Pay-Per-Views from Wrestlemania to the Present. E-mail me with your wish list. Click here to request Pay-Per-Views

David's Mega Wrestling Website Needs You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking for people to help promote, and write for this site, it is growing everyday, if you are interested send me an e-mail or leave a message in the guestbook or on the answering machine, I will reply asap. Thank you,David Click here to contact me.

I am now trying to be one of the top 50 Wrestling sites on the Internet, Click on the Top 50 banner to make your thoughts known, Please Click so your visit will be counted in my total, Thank You- David

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