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NWA HAS A BIG WEEKEND COMING UP THIS WEEKEND WITH THE FOLLOWING SHOWS AND MATCHES: 4/24/98 - Mount Holly, NJ - National Guard Armory Rt. 38 East (exit 5 off the the NJ Turnpike) •NWA National champion Doug Gilbert vs. Rocco Rock •Sycho Sid in action •NWA L.H. champion Devon Storm vs. Steve Corino •Tom Brandi vs. King Mabel •Ray Odyssey vs. Twiggy Rameriz vs. Julio Sanchez •Rik Ratchet vs. Overweight Lover •Lupus vs. J.R. Ryder •Plus The Misfits, Pitbull #2, Lance Diamond, Marlena, and more 4/25/98 - Wall, NJ - Wall High School •Sycho Sid, Marlena, Doug Gilbert, Tom Brandi, King Mabel, and much more 4/26/98 - Garfield, NJ - Boys & Girls Club, 490 Midland Ave. 2:00pm bell time •Sycho Sid vs. King Mabel •Doug Gilbert vs. Lance Diamond •The Misfits vs. Ray Odyssey & Inferno Kid •Devon Storm vs. Twiggy Ramirez •Ace Darling vs. Steve Corino •Overweight Lover vs. Lupus •Rik Ratchet w/Big 80's vs. Vinnie Powers

In Your House - Unforgiven

Here is the card for WWF In your House Unforgiven Undertaker Vs. Kane in a ring of fire match

WCW/NWO Spring Stampede Results. (credit Runnels D)

Goldberg beat Saturn

Ultimo Dragon beat Chavo
Chris Benoit lost to Booker T
Mr Perfect beat Davey Boy Smith
Chris Jericho beat Prince Iaukea
La Parka beat Psychosis
Luger's team won
Hogan's team beat Piper's team, but Hogan hit Nash with the bat accidentally and Nash was not happy.
Raven won the US title with the help of the Flock and a new member.
Macho Man beat Sting.


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