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WHEN YOU GET TO THE BOTTOM YOU GO BACK TO THE TOP! You know who I am, let's get to the column

"Attorney's for WCW filed suit against Ric Flair in Fulton County Superior Court on Friday, April 17."

That's what the headline read in Bob Ryder's news update. On April 17th, my Birthday (what a horrible Birthday gift) WCW filed a reported 2-million dollar breach of contract suit against Ric Flair, because Ric Flair didn't show up for work on Thunder. Flair claims that he had requested the day off to see his son wrestle.

Folks, it's no secret that I'm a life long WWF fan. However, when you line up my favorite wrestlers through the years, Ric Flair is at the top of the list. The same is said of The Four Horsemen when you line up the teams. Whenever myself and three friends found ourselves hanging out on a regualr basis, we were always the Horsemen (Pete and Jim can smell what I'm cooking here) . For the past few months of rumors concerning Flair coming to the WWF, though I knew there was no way he would make the jump, the Nature Boy in me prayed in some way that it was true. When the scribes finally sit down to write the book for wrestling, Ric Flair is going to be the man on the cover. It won't be Hulk Hogan, it won't be Vince McMahon, and it SURE AS HELL won't be Eric Bischoff. The face of the cover is going to belong to the "God only knows how many times" World Heavyweight Champion. So why the lawsuit?

Before I get to that, let me give the devil his due, to prevent letters from you nimrods that only read every other word. Eric Bischoff's idea of Nitro was the best thing to happen to wrestling in a long time. The nWo is a great and lucrative angle, and though I personally think his booking style is assanine, like the man says, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." Now that I got that out of the way, let me say this...


Y'all probably saying "Hey Freakboy, way to get your maturity on." All I can say is that those who know the column shouldn't be suprised and those who don't can't complain, because I know more then half of you agree with me. There's no simpler way to put it, Bischoff is a fool. Why you ask? Let's say for the sake of arguement that Ric Flair never formally requested off. Anyone who has access to the internet has heard the rumors that he had requested off for that Thunder, and probably wasn't showing up. In order for these rumors to surface, someone in WCW had to of leaked them. Therefor, at least one person at the CNN Center knew that Flair wouldn't be at Thunder. Now I ask you, if you were in charge of a top company and were depending of him showing up, wouldn't you make the phone call? You can't tell me that Eric Bischoff doesn't have five minutes to get off of Hulk Hogan's lap, take the passifier out of his mouth, and say "Ric, what's up?" Hell, for the slave wages I was making as a clerk at a Liquor Store, we still called someone if we had the slightest hunch they weren't coming in. It's the logical thing to do. However for Bischoff it doesn't seem to be about logic, it seems to be about ego.

It's about Bischoff showing everyone "who the man is." So in order to do this, he makes and example out of a man that 99% of the wrestlers respect more then they would Eric, even if he discovered a cure for Cancer. Granted, Eric Bischoff is the boss, but this is no way to treat someone that has done more for you company, and wrestling in general, then you ever could in five lifetimes. Ric Flair is NOT the reason why Nitro got beat by RAW that week. It's because Bischoff's philosphy off "Let's give them the same crap each week cause they'll watch it anyway" is finally catching up with him.

Don't get me wrong. I'm in NO WAY saying this is the beginning of the end for WCW (after all, they beat RAW again last Monday). I disagreed with people for calling the WWF the TITANic, and I'm not saying the same about WCW. The moral of the story is that what Eric Bischoff did here was BULLSHIT and I just hope that this blemish doesn't become the defining moment of Ric Flair's alustrious career. The sport of wrestling should collectively hang it's head in shame if it is.

P.S. I said the same things about Vince after he screwed Bret, so y'all can save your "What about what Vince does..." E-Mail's, because I could really care less.

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WRESTLING X-PLOSION This is Kyle to talk to all the loyal wrestling fans out there

1st subject who's going where - Well big news first off the WWF beat out wcw for the monday night ratings the first time in 82 weeks. Ric Flair failed to show up on wcw thunder about a week ago and that really pissed off Bischoff. Dont except him to show up in the wwf however because he is still held by the wcw :some people say that he will be kept in the wcw and not wrestle for a while and work behind the scenes for the wcw. R u wondering what that will do to the new 4 horseman that was greatly anticipated by horseman fans, Ric flair also has title promises wcw has not fullfiled yet. For all you wwf and giant fans your lucky because ....well you probly already know that he is talkin to the wwf . My may issue in the collum "barred from the back" it says that the federation may have a 7 foot 4 400 pound monster in the works. John tenta is suppose to go to the wwf wrestling under a mask i cannot confirm his new gimmic yet though.

The biggest news of the day is .......and i am not making this up believe it or not RODDY PIPER WAS THE ONE WHO HIT MACHO WITH THE RED VIPER AND HE IS EXPECTED TO JOIN NWO......when i can speculate in the bat match hel'l probly turn on giant and thats what will set up giant going to wwf.

wwf ruling degeneration x or degeneration x ruling wwf - im out of time so ill touch on this subject first off i jumped on the bandwaggon of dx but now without my favorite wrestler hbk im sorry its not the same thanx for reading got to sorry for errors read next weeks bye kyle .s


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